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How to hire the best search marketing consultant to explode your business success.

Small business owners that operate in a locally focused market require every edge they can get. Today, optimizing local search results is the best and fastest way to beat the competition. When it comes to search engines, the big three are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But deciding to start a local search campaign isn't enough. You will need to start by coordinating your local SEO efforts. As an expert SEO consultant, I have nine local search engine optimization tips to share.

1. Claim your profile on the major search engine local listing pages. The first thing you must do is claim your Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local Profiles. The sooner, the better since each one requires confirmation that you are the owner of the profile which can take several weeks. The approval process is completed either by phone or postcard.

By confirming your profiles, you will not only receive the benefit of being listed in highly trafficked directories (search engines), but you will be given very high authority for your ranking in your city and geographical area. You should also plan on registering in as many of the local citation sites as possible.

Google my Business Example:

2. Claim as many citation listings as you can identify. There are many yellow page type internet sites that provide important geographical relevance and assist greatly with local SEO ranking. In almost all cases you can create your profile for free, and it's quite easy to build a listing. Each directory profile and citation you develop is a point in your favor, so the more, the better. Possibilities include Yelp, Foursquare, Apple Maps, Brown Book and hundreds more that a simple Google search can turn up.


As part of our Brand Authority Building service, we always build out social profiles around your site. Companies we work with find our social profiles to be more useful for ranking since we know the most important titles and text to use, to give Google the most powerful signals pointing back to your site.

3. Add your contact phone to all directory listings and profiles. After all, your customers need to be able to reach you. One interesting note - in general, you should not use an 800 number. Instead, list a number with a local area code. This shows your company as being from the area that unique area code represents. If you would like to list an 800 number, make it a secondary phone number.


If you have multiple locations that are virtual, and if your "local number" cannot cover them all, use a virtual IP phone service. Call Fire is an example of a service where you can quickly obtain a local phone number. With a service like Call Fire, the caller won't even know that they are being directed to a central number. It can even be your cell phone.

4. Include a local business address. Your listing will be showing up on maps, so they need to recognize where your physical presence is, otherwise you will not show up in the local organic search results correctly. Make sure your address is correct and consistently listed the same way in all places. For example, do not notate "St." on some listings and "Street" on others. Stay consistent.


Don't worry if your NAP (name, address, phone) gets abbreviated. Some directories and search engines will abbreviate what they display to fit their particular format better. Remember that what gets shown to humans on the site is sometimes different than what search bot sees (reads). Stay consistent, don't confuse Google's search bot.

5. Upload pictures to all your profiles. A rule of thumb is to give the directory or search engine everything it has space for or supports. If they offer a photo gallery, then upload images to it. There is a debate about how much images contribute to SEO. But this is only with people who haven't seen an image rank on Google. After you see an image URL rank based on title and metadata alone, you will never again debate the value of photos in a profile. Besides, they make your listing more consumer friendly and attractive.

6. Ask for reviews. "Any publicity is good publicity." Reviews are promotion, and whether they are right or not, they will help. Of course, we favor good 5-star reviews over bad, but the fact is all reviews help. For some platforms, there are display features that are disabled until a profile reaches a certain number of reviews. So yes, reviews matter, even in cases where humans may not see them or take a lot of stock in them.

7. Use keyword tags. Consider what a searcher may type into a search engine to locate your services and products. Then make sure you add these tags where feasible to your listing. Some profiles may have tagging options, and some may be thru a description field only. But don't stuff the summary or description field, you only need a few of your most relevant keywords to tell the search engines what your page and business is all about.

8. Leverage your uniqueness in your content and messaging. What a small local business can offer, large companies cannot. The level of personalization, the close-knit bond with their clients, possibilities of customizations, are all benefits of running a small business. While you might not be able to offer all of these to your client, at the same time, you can add your flair to the mix and beat others in the market. Don't by shy to tell your prospective customers how you are different than a bigger much more powerful (and well-funded) competitor. If you don't tell them, they can only make a decision based on the information they have, which means they may choose based on price or some other incomplete information.

9. Do not underestimate anything. The pressure of running a business includes making choices, do not minimize opportunities for online partnerships or the importance of building an authority online. For instance, many companies over the past few years have made the mistake of not paying enough attention to their social media accounts. What they often miss is that their social media presence serves multiple functions including acquiring new customers and maintaining their present ones, but the oft-overlooked value is the powerful SEO benefits that come from having an active and healthy social fortress built around the website.


Our Brand Authority Building campaign will build out as many as 300 social profiles around every page of the website. This ensures the strongest most powerful social signals are made. Social networks can be some of the most powerful links a website can receive, and with our local SEO domination strategies, we build brand authority in a way that is sustainable even after the campaign has officially ended. Most campaigns run up to 12 months in length, at which time light maintenance and monitoring are needed to ensure they don't lose the valuable ground that was made.

The tips above work for nearly any local business or small business. Our local search engine optimization strategies will get you started if DIY fits your style, but if you are looking to 10x your business and dominate your competition in 2017, we invite you to complete our Discovery Form for our personalized and maximally effective assistance.

If you are prepared to invest in your business and drive more customers to your website with FREE traffic from Google, we look forward to talking with you today.

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