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Why SEO?
Search engine optimization is the lowest cost form of advertising for Scottsdale businesses.
Not all are equal.
SEO Scottsdale is complex. We develop customized ranking plans for Scottsdale small businesses.
Keyword research.
An essential aspect of SEO is keyword research. Ranking your business will explode your Scottsdale business.
Your site needs links.
Google respects the sites that link to you. With the highest quality links your Scottsdale website will be #1.

Common SEO Questions

SEO search engine optimization is seen as a black art, when in fact it is equal parts art and science. There is no mystery to what we do. You do not need to become a search engine optimization expert in order to benefit from our #1 Google ranking service. If you want to learn what a premier SEO service can do for you, following are frequently asked questions which will give you confidence to get started today.

How does a search engine work?

Here is how to optimize for a Scottsdale SEO search. A search engine connects to a sophisticated AI-driven database of all the websites it has indexed based on the phrases or words the user enters in order to discover what it believes is the most relevant results. Search engines index websites using a software application called a “spider” that crawls all the web pages they can find. Spiders follow links from one page to another and from one site to another, which is why links to your Scottsdale website are so important. These query results from Google are called SERPs, which stands for search engine results pages. To rank on Google, your Scottsdale website will require search engine optimization marketing.

How does Google work?

Google’s index is a database containing information on all the pages crawled. This index houses detailed data on the nature of the content and topical relevance of each web page. It also contains a map of all the pages that each page links to and the clickable (anchor) text of any links.
Before Google shows pages from the index, it must apply algorithms to rank them based on the context and relevance to the keyword or search string being entered. The main function of Google’s search engine is to crawl the web, which involves following links to other connected websites and pages on the same site to discover the most important websites and pages on the web, while at the same time noting the relevance of the pages connecting to and from the website. This process is indexing which is the storing of information about all the pages found for use in the search function.

The Google search algorithm is a highly sophisticated process which includes analyzing and understanding the intent of each search query. Identifying the most relevant web pages to the query in the index and ranking those web pages in order of relevance and importance. Click the link for a Scottsdale SEO website ranking primer.

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