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Did you know that Google is splitting their index and now gives preference to mobile users? This is because 43% of local business searches originate on a mobile device.

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As a local business owner, you have invested years of your life (and personal finances) into your business. But, you may not be aware that each day that passes with your competition being more visible on the search engines than you are, is another day that they are stealing your potential customers (and your income).

If your website is not ranking on Google, you are losing money to the competitors that rank above you. Additionally, the smartphone along with the Internet has replaced the good old yellow pages, and Google reports that 80% of local searches start in a search engine, and a whopping 43% now begin on a smartphone.

Don't you think it's time to move from obscurity to the first page of Google?

As an expert SEO consulting agency in Mesa Arizona, we want to simplify the job of selecting the best SEO company to meet your needs. It is our hope that the following insights will prove useful as you narrow your search for an effective, affordable and professional search engine optimization company to hire.

But first, let's look at a few of the common business models that exist for Mesa SEO consultants.

tip #1

The first model you may run into is an independent consultant or IC. These are typically freelancers who offer their services on a part-time basis. An individual consultant may be more flexible in pricing and how they deliver their services. Though an IC typically is working "solo" they can still be effective. One advantage of working with an individual consultant is that they will be focused on working with local businesses only, as they will generally live in the same area or nearby to where they are targeting clients.

tip #2

The second model that is common is that of a "proper" SEO Company. This organization structure is easy to spot as they will be an Incorporated company consisting of a team of SEO consultants. There is a feeling of safety in hiring a "known" SEO company in your area, however, there are tradeoff’s starting with cost.

To sustain a large operation such as is required for a big brand SEO agency, for every dollar you pay, at least 40% or more will go to fixed cost. Which unfortunately these costs such as assistances and fancy offices add zero value to ranking your website above the competition.

Another “issue” with an SEO company is that they typically have a highly structured process that they will run every client through. Not that there is anything wrong with using a process, in fact you will want to inquire of potential SEO firms about their processes so you can understand how they compare or contrast to other companies you are speaking to. But when all websites are treated equally, this can (and will) lead to inconsistent results. As not all websites will behave the same when it comes to ranking on Google.

tip #3

A third model is in-house SEO, which if your business can justify the expense, some find it does make sense to hire a dedicated SEO specialist. For a company with a web-based business, this can be especially attractive, since the feeling of being fully in control of your destiny is a strong one. However, you must consider a few key points before embarking on this approach.

First, the reason you need to hire someone to focus on SEO says that there is not sufficient expertise to do the job. This means the position of Director, Search Marketing very well may be the only job in the company where even the CEO is not truly qualified to screen or interview candidates. Because of this, it is advisable to work with an expert SEO consultant to first get your site ranking. Then after the site is ranking this person can be a screener for candidates. I’ve seen models where the consulting engagement ran 18 months with the first six to nine spent improving the position of the company's site in the SERPs, followed by the second half setting up a process and structure for the SEO function that they will ultimately assist with hiring a resource into.

Like many business decisions, there is a tradeoff between predictable (fixed) cost models and variable cost. SEO consulting is a demanding skill set and to hire someone of the caliber you need will not be cheap. For this reason, many companies who express the wish to bring SEO in-house, recognize that they can get better value with a consultant or agency.

When it comes to pricing, a proven SEO will not be the “low-cost option”. This means if low-cost is your priority, there are good chances that you’ll end up with an SEO who cuts corners. In the best case, it means you won’t receive the full benefit that being ranked at the top of Google can bring your business. But in the worst case, you will find the tactics employed can harm your site and degrade your ranking potential and ability to be discovered by customers.

Google has been aggressive over the years cracking down on sites that appear to use spam techniques to manipulate rankings. For this reason, sustainable SEO will take longer than short-term methods. Because there is such a wide range in the quality of SEO firms and consultants, a high price alone does not guarantee the best work will be done on your website.

Some companies mark up basic SEO prices by a shockingly high amount as a common practice is to outsource the optimization work offshore where the cost of labor is orders of magnitude less than local salaries. But remember. You get what you pay for which is why it is appropriate to ask for the name of your account manager as well as the name and work location of who will be performing the work on your account. If you get a vague answer, be careful, this could mean that they are an outsourced company. And of course, you can always request a SKYPE video interview before signing the agreement. You should know who you will actually be working with.

Provided you ask the right questions and pay attention to the recommendations below, you will find an agency capable of making a positive impact on your business.

It requires significant work for an Internet optimization company to develop an effective SEO strategy, and identify high-ranking keywords with good traffic. You shouldn’t expect cut-rate pricing, but you do not need to pay the highest one either. Professional SEO consultants whether an agency or freelancer, should charge a reasonable price and deliver exceptional service, standing behind their work.

How to interview and hire an SEO company

What's your game?

A key reason that business owners choose to work with us is due to the fact that we follow through on ALL our promises. But if a client does not have a good understanding of the business benefits that obtaining more traffic will bring, success may not be attainable.

Because of this, we do not work with every company who approaches us. If we do not feel that we can bring sufficient value to the project, we will gladly refer the prospect to the right agency best equipped to meet their needs. For more information on our qualification process, you may visit our Discovery Form.

Finally, do not forget that the greater clarity you have in your end game, the more effective the company you select will be. When you begin working with a search engine optimization team, they should provide you a roadmap for how they plan to increase exposure to your website. You do not need to become an expert with SEO to be effective and build a million dollar business. All SEO consultants that you are considering should be able to explain in layman’s language the marketing and search optimization strategies that they will utilize to achieve your objectives.

One size approach does not fit all!

With competitors who are both smaller and larger than you, what you will discover is that the ROI of SEO can vary greatly based on factors like ASP (average sales price), lifetime customer value, the number of customers your company can handle simultaneously, etc. Just as you likely specialize in your own business, most SEO companies do the same.

Search optimization is NOT the same for everyone, this is why we develop marketing strategies for each of our clients and avoid cookie-cutter formulas. Remember, processes are a good thing, they just shouldn’t push every website into a one size fits all model.

An area of caution. With the advent of cheap labor outside the country, SEO has become a service that is “fronted” by an American, while the actual work will be performed in low-cost labor centers. We are proud to be a Mesa SEO company, and all our work is done locally in Mesa, Arizona. Your website and their associated files will never touch a domain outside of what you specify.

Keyword research and optimization

Keywords are the phrases that someone would use to find you. What’s important to consider is that people are increasingly expecting that Google can understand natural speech and language patterns. The days of typing in strangely worded search queries because it’s all a machine can understand are largely behind us. For this reason, it both simplifies and complicates the process of keyword optimization.

We are a pioneering Internet search optimization firm. One of the first tasks that we undertake with every new client is to analyze your content and then optimize the keywords and common search phrases located in the text that appears throughout your site, suggesting alternatives in order to increase your rankings. SEO Ranker Agency provides all clients a detailed analysis report showing how the right keywords will increase traffic. Once we begin working together, we will supply regular updates on how the ranking of your preferred search terms is progressing. You will want to quiz any potential firm on what they intend to do with keyword research and optimization because if they don’t have a clear answer, chances are they are a “hope and pray” agency. Just as you don’t leave your businesses success to chance, neither should you leave your rankings to the whims of Google SERP.

Develop powerful linking strategies

Though ranking for specific keywords is a prime objective of SEO, it is another altogether to have a solid linking strategy actually implemented and in-place. Your search engine optimization company should develop links in accordance with the most important parameters used by the search engines as factors for ranking. SEO Ranker Agency performs a detailed analysis of the linking structure within your website, and we reveal actionable steps you can take to improve and build upon it.

Start now!

The Internet has changed everything. It is the Internet that created the opportunity to operate many of the businesses we are in. Thus, you likely have significant competition, all clamoring to be at the top of the search engine standings, and the SEO company you decide to work with must deliver results.

Based on the competition of the niche that you are in, the time it takes to rank can be as short as 3 to 4 months, though it is more likely to take 8 to 12 months. Even then, maintaining your rankings will require regular attention. Search engine optimization is a strategy that requires commitment, but unlike PPC, over time your investment in SEO as a percentage of revenue will always decline. For this reason, SEO is proven to be the least costly market development activity that you can undertake.

Let us make your website famous on Google, so you can dominate your competition.

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