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We are a #1 SEO and search optimization marketing company who works with local and small business owners and church's to drive massive improvements in their membership and business using free traffic from Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines. As a premier SEO consultant, we have clients around the country including PhoenixScottsdale, Tempe, GilbertChandler and more.

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Selecting the best SEO consultant to grow your organization or business, and drive traffic to your website and social properties is crucial. You have invested years and personal finance into your business, yet you may not be aware that time is working against you. Every day that passes with your competition more visible on Google, Yahoo! and Bing is another day that they may be stealing your audience and business.

There are many reasons to work with a local SEO expert, but a major one is that the smartphone along with the Internet has replaced the yellow pages.

Google reports that 80% of local searches begin in a search engine, and 43% start on a mobile device. Isn’t it time to move from obscurity to the first page of thesearch engine results page?

As a top ranked search optimization agency, we want to make your job of selecting the right company to work with easier.

If you’re looking only for a discount, chances are you will end up with a consultant who cuts corners. Which in the best case means you won’t receive the full benefit that being top ranked can bring your business in free organic traffic. But in the worst case, you may find the tactics employed harm your site, degrading your ability to be discovered by potential customers.

Google has been aggressively cracking down on sites that appear to use spam techniques to manipulate their rankings.

For this reason, high-quality, sustainable SEO will take longer than short-term methods. However, you should not be looking for short-term success only to be banished to the bottom of the rankings for violating Google’s terms of service.

It requires significant work for an Internet optimization company to develop a strategy and identify high-ranking keywords with good traffic, but low competition. While you shouldn’t expect cut-rate pricing (just as you do not price your goods or services at bargain basement levels) - you do not need to pay the highest rate either.

Following are five valuable tips for interviewing and hiring a search engine marketing and Internet media optimization company.

Understand your what you are trying to achieve, your objective.

Business owners choose to work with us because we always follow through on our promises. If a client doesn’t have a good understanding of the business benefit that obtaining more traffic will bring, success will be difficult to measure and track.

We do not work with every company or organization who approaches us. If we don’t feel that we can bring sufficient value, we gladly refer the prospect to the optimum firm or agency best equipped to meet their needs. Learn about our requirements here.

During the interview process, you should have a list of questions developed. The greater clarity that you have in your objective (end game), the more effective the company you chose to work with can be.

When you begin working with an expert search engine optimization team, they should be able to give you a roadmap for how they plan to increase traffic to your website. You don't need to become an expert at search optimization, but every SEO consultant should be able to explain in layman’s language the marketing and search optimization strategies they will utilize to achieve your objectives.

Not all SEO Companies are equal.

The value (return on investment) of SEO can vary based on factors like ASP, customer lifetime value, and the number of customers your company is equipped to handle simultaneously. Just as you specialize in your own business, a high-quality SEO company will do the same.

As a premier top-ranked Mesa search optimization marketing firm, we understand that search optimization is NOT one size fits all. We develop marketing strategies suited for each of our clients, avoiding cookie-cutter formulas. If we used the same strategies as other businesses in your niche, your website would likely get lost, and be undiscovered by your customers.

With the availability of cheap labor outside the country; SEO is a service that can be “fronted” by an American company while the actual work is performed elsewhere. We are proud to be a US-based company.

Dominating Google requires keyword research.

Keywords are the phrases and words that your customers use to find you. People are increasingly expecting Google to understand natural speech and language patterns. The days of typing strangely worded search queries because it’s all a machine can recognize are behind us.

We are a pioneering Internet search optimization firm. One of the first tasks that we undertake with every new client is to analyze their content and optimize the keywords and common search phrases that appear on your site, suggesting alternatives.

SEO Ranker provides all clients a detailed analysis report showing how optimized keywords can increase traffic. Once we begin working together, we will supply regular updates on the ranking results of your preferred search terms. Quiz potential SEO firms on what they intend to do in the area of keyword research and optimization. Just as you don’t leave your businesses success to chance, neither should you leave your ranking and thus revenue and profits to the whims of Google.

Effective linking strategies are key to Google search ranking.

Your search engine optimization company should develop links with the most important parameters used by search engines as ranking factors. Ranking for specific keywords is a prime objective of SEO, however, having a solid linking strategy is critical. During the interview process with a potential SEO company, be sure to ask if they have experience analyzing the link structure of websites.

Get found and stop losing customers, start today.

The Internet has changed everything in our businesses and organizations. You have an onslaught of competition clamoring to be at the top of the search standings which is why the SEO company you decide to work with must be able to produce professional results. The expert search optimization team at SEO Ranker Agency will work tirelessly on improving your website page ranking so you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

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