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Nine Easy SEO Actions That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Business owners need every advantage to beat their competitors in today’s Internet-driven age. As an expert SEO specialist, we want to share nine search engine optimization suggestions that can help you build your online presence. If you are less DIY, “Do It Yourself” and more “DFY” (done for you), complete this short Discovery Form to see if your business qualifies to become a client of SEO Ranker Agency.

Nine actions you can take to put your website on top of Google.

1. Claim your profile on the search engine regional listing boards. The first to claim is Google My Business. By confirming your profiles, you will benefit from being listed in the highest trafficked directories. Also, your website will benefit from the high authority backlink as well as the location relevance, which will improve your local SEO standing.

2. Claim as many regional citation listings (profiles) as possible. There are numerous yellow page type internet sites that can supply crucial geographical relevance and assist with your local SEO rankings. In nearly all cases you can enter your profile totally free, and it’s quite simple to construct a listing. Each directory profile and citation you establish is a ranking point in your favor, so the more, the much better. Possibilities include Brown Book, Yelp, Apple Maps, Foursquare, and hundreds more (in addition to GMB – Google My Business).

The fastest way to discover these websites is to perform a Google search for a term that your customers would use to find you. Then read carefully and take note of the sites that come up on page one. If Google is ranking a local authority site on the first page for a contextually relevant search, then you want your business to be listed. A premier digital marketing and SEO consultant can assist if you require further guidance.

The SEO Ranker Agency, Brand Authority service, builds out a social fortress of profiles around our client’s website including key inner pages. This offers Google Rank Brain powerful signals pointing back to your site in addition to assistance with reputation management. You do not want a negative review at the top of page one when somebody searches for your brand. Social profiles form a ring that pushes down undesirable urls.

3. Use your local phone number if at all possible. Include your contact phone number to all directory listings and profiles. For local business ranking, having a local area code is not required, but with a local phone number, it provides an additional signal to Google of where your business is located.

If you have multiple locations (or virtual offices) and if a “local number” cannot cover them all, try using a virtual IP phone service such as CallFire. Virtual business phone services allow you to rapidly acquire a local phone number and have it ring into your main number – your callers won’t even realize that they have been directed to the main number.

4. Always be consistent when notating your business address. You want your citation and website listing displayed on maps, and customers need to know where your physical office is. Otherwise, you will not show up in the regional organic search results. Don’t worry if you service your customers outside of the office; you should still have a physical location (address) that is your place of business. With so many home-based businesses being run by people out of their homes, even the stigma of listing your home address as your office location is not as strong as it once was.

5. Add photos, submit images to all your profiles. You want to give the directory site and search engines as much supporting detail as possible. If the directory offers an image gallery, be sure to upload images to it. Some directories perform manual reviews before approving listings. Photos will help your listing get approved. Use them!

6. Request reviews from your happy customers and clients. Reviews for many service businesses are the best marketing and promotional activity you can undertake. Also, they add significant ranking value. For some platforms, there are screen functions that are disabled until a profile reaches a particular number of reviews.

7. Carefully research the keywords that users are using to find the goods and services that you offer. Consider exactly what a searcher might type into a search engine like Google to find your business. Make sure to include these keywords and search phrases in your listing description. Some profiles have tagging options, and some offer a description field only. Do not stuff the summary or description field; you just need a few of your most relevant keywords to inform the search engines what your page and service is about. Unless you have a good understanding of SEO, you should work with an SEO consultant as effective keyword planning is as important as the technical elements of optimizing your website for better search discovery.

8. Be original in your marketing and messaging and don’t be shy about the fact that your competitors may be bigger and have more impressive stores, offices, etc. What a small local service company or retailers can provide, many larger companies can not. The level of personalization, the close-knit bond with their customers, a possibility of personalization are advantages of purchasing from a little business. Remember, SEO can drive traffic to your website, but if your words are not convincing and they don’t make a case for why the visitor should do business with you, the improvement in traffic will only increase your website bounce rate as the users quickly leave after they arrive on the ranking page. Google does track the bounce rate of users to a website, and it’s pretty well understood that a website that attracts visitors but fails to keep them for any length of time, will see a decline in rankings.

9. Do not undervalue marketing, especially digital marketing which includes social media and SEO. Running a business consists of making hundreds of choices, do not reduce to chance your online exposure. If you are not investing at some level in SEO and building your social presence, then your brand is in decline (at least on the Internet). Today, there are very few niches where at least a percentage of the market isn’t competing aggressively for better exposure on Google. This means, if your competitor is investing and you are not, then their business is building authority in Google’s search algorithm. Because they are ranking for major keywords, their site will be getting traffic, which in turn drives clicks which reinforces their high ranking, and the process continues. It’s much more expensive to wait to compete on Google, then to get started today.

These suggestions work for nearly any regional company or little service site. However, they are just a guide. If you are looking to 10x your business and control your competitors in 2017, we invite you to finish our Discovery Form.

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