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Search engine optimization is the most cost effective form of advertising for local businesses today. Get ranked to grow your profits.
Not all are equal.
What SEO can do for you: search engine optimization is not a one size fits all service. We develop customized ranking plans for our clients.
Keyword research.
What is the secret to SEO? An important part of SEO is keyword research. With the right keywords your local business will explode.
Your site needs links.
What role do links play in SEO? Google respects sites with high quality links. Our expert SEO team knows how to get the best links.

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Our Brand Authority experts know how to rank your website on Google to dominate your local market.
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Discover how SEO can grow your local business. Our clients choose to work with SEO Ranker Agency because we follow through on our promises, which start from the interview process that kicks off all client engagements, to the completion of the project. If a client doesn’t have a good understanding of the business benefit that obtaining more traffic will bring, success will be challenging.
The greater clarity that you have in your objective, the more effective the SEO company you select can be. We do not work with every company who approaches us, a fact that surprises some people. If we don’t feel that we can bring sufficient value, we will gladly refer the prospect to the right firm who is best equipped to meet their needs.
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Business owners often ask what we do? Local SEO search engine optimization is seen as a black art, when in fact it is equal parts art and science. There is no mystery to what we do. You do not need to become a search engine optimization expert in order to benefit from our #1 Google ranking service. If you want to learn what a premier small business SEO service can do for your business the following frequently asked questions will give you confidence to get started today.

How does a search engine work?

A search engine connects to a database of websites based on words that you enter in order to find what it believes is the most relevant results. Search engines index websites using spiders that "crawl" web pages. Spiders follow links from one page to another and from one site to another. This is why links to your website are so important. The search query results from a search engine like Google, are called SERPs, or search engine results pages. Click the following link to see how to optimize for a local search result such as Phoenix SEO.

How does Google work?

The main function of Google’s search engine is to crawl the web, which involves following links to other connected websites and pages on the same site to discover the most important websites and pages on the web, while at the same time noting the relevance of the pages connecting to and from the website. This process is indexing which is the storing of information about all the pages found for use in the search function.

Local SEO consultants are consumed with ranking which is the heart of Google’s algorithm, and a closely guarded secret. Crawling the web is performed by small software applications that visit every website that is discoverable by Google in order to help identify the best web pages for a search query. The way these applications (called spiders) traverse the billions of websites and trillions of webpages that are connected, is by their website links.
Google’s index is a database containing information on all the pages crawled. This index houses detailed data on the nature of the content and topical relevance of each web page. It also contains a map of all the pages that each page links to and the clickable (anchor) text of any links. 

Before Google shows pages from the index, it must apply algorithms to rank them based on the context and relevance to the keyword or search string being entered. This is a highly sophisticated process which includes analyzing and understanding the intent of each search query. Identifying the most relevant web pages to the query in the index and ranking those web pages in order of relevance and importance. Click the following link for a search engine optimization primer.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization, it is the name given to the process whereby the search engine rankings for a given keyword are endeavored to be improved. Google displays links to pages it considers the most relevant and authoritative, or highest quality. 

Put simply, SEO is the activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site offers. Some search engine optimization companies and consultants bill SEO as FREE Google traffic. This is actually an accurate way to view SEO and for those businesses who invest heavily in online advertising, it is certainly an interesting value proposition to receive website traffic without paying for it. Though links are important for SEO success, do not confuse quality with quantity and don't consider links in isolation from other best practices. 

There are more than 200 ranking factors that Google considers when calculating the order of search results, though authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages and websites that are connecting to the site. This is why a cornerstone of every SEO strategy is to create more and higher quality content that encourages people to link to your web pages. This shows Google that your pages are interesting and authoritative. 

Great content massively increases your chances of securing natural links from high quality and relevant websites. Great websites don't link to low quality content, why would they? If you would like to learn more about what local SEO can do for your business read this article.

What is Google SEO?

Ranking high in the Google search results can be highly valuable since it’s effectively ‘free advertising’ on the best advertising platform in the world.

Traffic from Google, known as 'organic' can make or break an online business. It is true that Google and all the major social networks are making changes to their platforms that favor paid advertising, and for sure, paid ads needs to be a part of the marketing mix for many businesses. However, consumers are becoming savvy and understand that there is a difference between someone who paid to be at the top of the page, and a business who earned the position. You want to be the business who earned that top spot.

Securing a top ranking won't be easy as every one of your competitors has the same ambition. Many business owners are not aware that Google actually has a terms of service. There are many things outlined in these rules, but one thing that is unmistakable is that there are certain guidelines for how you can optimize your website for search discovery. 

The secret of an SEO expert is that they will understand the nuance of how Google ranks a website, and be able to both stay within the general guidelines that Google stipulates, while providing a definite advantage to the companies they work with against their local market competition. There are many tasks that an SEO must master, following are just a few of the most relevant for any search engine optimization company focusing on Google SEO.  

Website graphic design
Accessibility and user experience
Website development and CMS applications
WordPress, HTML, CSS, etc.
Web server hosting configuration
Domain management
Data analysis
Backlink analysis
Keyword research
Social media promotion
Software development lifecycle management
Analytics and data analysis and information architecture
Just to name a few...

Why we do SEO?

The reason we do SEO is that everybody including your potential customers and clients use Google search. “Google isn’t a search engine, Google is a reputation management system” said Clive Thompson at Wired Magazine. Surveys show that people expect brands at the top of their search engine results. You may not be the biggest company in your industry or market, which is exactly why you want to invest in search engine optimization. Imagine how your prospective customers will see you if you are on the same page as a company that is many times larger. Consumers don’t understand what it really means to be ranked on the first page of Google. For this reason, they equate a first page top ten (10) Google search result with being in the same league as competitors who may be tens or hundreds of times larger.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” said Apple’s Steve Jobs. For this reason, SEO is only one aspect of your digital marketing program, but it’s an essential one. Once your visitors are on your website, do they convert? Are they the type of lead and customer that you want? Did they find you because you optimised your site for the best keywords and search terms? Knowing how users interact with your website is crucial to success and search engine optimization is the key to influencing all of these factors.

It is important to look across the broad range of search terms related to your business, especially those that show buyer intent so that you can build a plan for getting better visibility for the search terms where you are not ranking today. The SEO Ranker Brand Authority Service is a structured way for our clients to win online. Go here to get started.

What does an SEO consultant do?

SEO consultants focus primarily on the following three activities: 1) content creation, 2) building high quality links, and 3) analyzing search engine results and iterating on the first two activities until the desired ranking results are achieved.

Search engine optimization (SEO) starts with research. Every website is different, and industries have varying needs which is why the best SEO firms will not make predictions or guarantees--there are simply too many variables, and what worked well for one client may not work for the next. High performing SEO companies don’t operate with a set formula, instead, they are experts at solving problems and overcoming challenges. Like early explorers, they may not know exactly where they are going, but they have the skills and essential understanding of how Google ranking functions to be able to deliver results. Following are a few SEO related elements that must be researched before any work can be started.

Keyword research is where the SEO expert will identify keywords which can produce the best results for the client (based on revenue). The ideal keyword shows buyer intent and is highly relevant to the client’s business. 
Google Analytics analysis involves a review of the websites past performance through Google Analytics or another web analytics tool which may reveal positive or negative traffic and conversion trends. 

Google Webmaster Tools is now called Search Console. This powerful Google tool can reveal technical issues with the website, such as a penalty that could be negatively affecting rankings. 

Link profile analysis is a critical step since many companies have fallen prey to SEO firms that promised to build hundreds, even thousands, of inbound links at ultra-low prices. This practice has been penalized by Google and for many companies the path to SEO success starts with cleaning up these spammy links. It’s not glamorous work, but it is an essential task to be completed before time and money is wasted fighting to get rankings for a penalized website. 

Once this research and analysis is completed, the SEO company will perform a thorough audit of the website. This audit will include various SEO factors such as website and webpage loading speed, URL structure, internal linking, title tags, meta description tags, and content. Many SEO firms will also extend this audit to include factors that influence not just rankings but the metrics that ultimately matter like conversion. These factors include usability, design, and messaging.

Armed with the results of the above research, audit, and analysis work one-time, initial optimization activities can include:

Website redesign. In the most extreme cases a complete website redesign is needed before beginning SEO services. 

CMS overhaul. Even if a full website redesign is not needed, it may be necessary to transition to a more SEO friendly or optimized CMS such as WordPress. 

Link removal and cleanup. If the link profile analysis reveals a large number of low quality inbound links, or a manual penalty, it will be necessary to remove as many as possible by contacting the websites connecting to the site. As you can imagine this is a tedious and time consuming process. Google also offers a disavow tool that can be useful in the event that a site was spammed with thousands or tens of thousands of bad links.  

While certain aspects of the SEO process are one-time events the ongoing SEO activities that contribute to the continuous growing of the strength and authority of the website must be maintained. Link building is an activity that never ends because Google needs fresh links to know that your website is still relevant. There are many techniques for building links and this is one area of intellectual property where SEO and digital marketing agency’s differentiate.

This is not a comprehensive list of everything an expert SEO consultant can or will do. Now that you have a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes, you can work with your SEO firm to get the results that will help both of you to grow your businesses. Check out this article on how to combine traditional PR with SEO to explode your local business.

How does SEO work?

You may believe that SEO is this mysterious discipline akin to black magic. Really, it’s a measurable, repeatable process that if applied in a specific way, sends signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing at the top of the search results. 

Google uses a complex mathematical formula called an algorithm (named Rank Brain) to score every website that the search engine indexes, and each search performed on Google, for the purpose of determining which website should rank above the rest. You can think of the algorithm like a collection of empty buckets. One bucket provides a score for the quality of your site, one bucket gives a score for how many sites link to yours, and the last bucket gives you a score for how people trust the information on your website. 

The job of a local search engine optimization (SEO) consultant is to fill up more buckets in the search engine’s algorithm than another website. You can affect your search engine ranking by having the highest score in terms of quality of your site, having the highest score in terms of authority of your website, having the highest score as the most trusted destination for the search that people are looking for. The good thing is that there are hundreds of buckets, in fact Google says there are over 200 individual and distinct ranking factors. Which is why SEO is one part science and one part art. To be a #1 ranked SEO, you have to have command of the SEO process and understand the way that the algorithm arrives at a ranking result. Read how SEO can be used as a church growth tool.

How do I select the best SEO Company?

Selecting the best SEO search engine optimization consultant as your organic search traffic growth partner is an important decision. As a small business owner you've invested years of effort, personal finances and time, and yet you may not be aware that the market is working against you. Every day that passes with your competition being more visible online, with Google, Yahoo! and Bing is another day that they can be stealing your audience and business.

There are many reasons to work with a top ranked SEO expert. The mobile phone including tablets has replaced the yellow pages. Google and Forester research found that 8 of 10 local searches started in a search engine, with 4 out of 10 beginning on a mobile device. 

As a #1 SEO company, we can make the job of selecting the right SEO firm easier. If you are shopping based on price, chances are you will end up with a consultant who cuts corners. Google is maturing their artificial intelligence (AI) engines and can detect more quickly websites using spam techniques to manipulate their rankings. Our SEO services are designed for sustainability of ranking performance and they are of the highest quality. Remember, you should not be looking for a quick fix only to be pushed to the bottom of the search rankings for violating Google’s TOS.

There is significant work needed for an SEO company to implement a winning website ranking strategy. You should not expect the lowest pricing, but you do not need to pay the highest price either. SEO Ranker Agency is your partner for growth online. Don't wait, get found today and stop losing precious profits and revenue!

What is the difference between brand authority & SEO?

1. Traffic - SEO is not dead, but rankings alone do not produce profits. We focus on producing website traffic that drives sales for our clients. Read how we leverage PR for SEO value.

2. Content syndication - high-quality niche relevant content is the key to building your website's authority online. But content without distribution is worthless. We help our clients create content and get it distributed in a way that creates traffic and builds power to their site.

3. Website conversion optimization - if a site is slow to load, confusing to navigate, or simply doesn't have the proper call to actions in the right places, then you can capture 100% of the traffic for your niche and still fail to grow revenues.

The #1 reason clients choose to work with us is that our Brand Authority Service is proven to create more revenue and profits by driving the most qualified traffic possible from Google search to your website. Complete our DISCOVERY FORM for a free website assessment and to learn whether our Brand Authority Service is right for your company and the objectives you are trying to achieve.

Google announced in the fall of 2016 that it would continue focusing on sites that have been optimized for mobile. For a few years now, Google has been putting more and more emphasis on mobile to fit the needs of consumers who are increasingly turning to mobile before the desktop, and we can imagine in 2017 that to reach the full SEO potential on Google, a website must be 100% mobile optimized. Google's AMP pages are no longer a nice to have, but a must have.

The internet (and Google search results) are full of regurgitated, thin content that brings little to no value to the reader and Google knows this. The new SEO battlefield is now between content creators as with the best content comes higher engagement and better quality "clicks." At SEO Ranker Agency we focus not only on rankings but on creating and sharing the highest quality content possible. Sustainable SEO in 2017 will no longer have a place for thin content that just gets published just for the sake of posting another 500-word article containing the major targeted keywords.

In 2017 business owners and webmasters seeking to optimize for search will find they must focus on creating longer form content (1000 words plus, ideally, closer to 2000) - and they must publish content that provides value (e.g. real answers and solutions). Thin keyword-stuffed posts will no longer cut it and may invoke penalties depending on how thin and how aggressively optimized they are. The point is, we are confident that 2017 will be declared the year of content.

Whether we will see an algorithm shakeup such as another Google Panda or Penguin update is, of course, unknown. Since this is top secret stuff after all. But our guess is that yes, there will be another major shift in the algorithm in 2017. The expert SEO consultants in our company see Google's focus on mobile, beginning with AMP in 2015 and continuing to their splitting the index between mobile and desktop, giving priority to the mobile index as a huge sign that change is a coming.

Though so-called Blackhat SEO tactics will work in 2017, Blackhat strategies that cross Google's TOS (or come close to crossing) will not work as long and will increasingly be reverse engineered by Google. Consultants and agencies who have relied on these methods for ranking local clients should be prepared to see a steady flow of their paychecks running for the exits. There is no faster way to lose a client, and the potential referrals that would have come with them, then to get a client's website penalized.

In 2016, we received clear indicators from many data points we were analyzing that showed proper high-quality search engine optimization techniques are still most effective at providing the longest lasting sustainable results.

Speed is one of the main factors affecting your conversion rate and the average session time on your website. We suggest you measure your website's loading time to ensure that it is well under 1 second with 500 milliseconds being ideal.

At SEO Ranker we have discussed the need for high-quality, long-form content but one aspect of content creation that is still getting missed is the need to produce consistent content.

An important part of the SEO Ranker Agency Brand Authority Service is the creation of a social network and Web 2.0 syndication network. Functioning as a hub and spoke topology, this mechanism can be like rocket fuel for a local businesses search rankings. You will have your competitors wondering how in the world you have time to run your business while being so prolific a content publisher. Only you will know the secret; we promise not to tell!

Link building is not dead! In 2015 and 2016 some were inferring that guest blog linking is dead, but that has proved not to be the case. In fact, it is crystal clear to us that Google values quality backlinks as much (or more) than ever. Low-quality spammy backlinks are dead as Google is getting better and better at detecting these links (remember, Blackhat SEO must be avoided) but if you can build (on a consistent basis) quality backlinks to your site, you'll be in the money.

Expert local SEO consultants have discovered that Google uses a company's social media presence to determine whether people like your content, and this will remain to be the case. Apart from assessing the relevance and quality of backlinks, this is one way Google can measure if people like your content and find it valuable - is it getting shared. Google is a customer service organization and for every query that gets entered into the search box, they work hard to return the best result. For this reason, it is accurate to call Google an answer engine more than a search engine. We believe that more and more weight will be given to the social proof related to a website. SEO Ranker Agency calls this a social fortress, which is one of the crucial elements of SEO domination that we deliver.