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If you are more DIY, read this for tips. Otherwise contact us and we can help.

Small business owners require every edge possible to compete in today’s market, and optimizing local search results is the best and fastest way to beat your competition. Following are nine search optimization tips to catapult your online presence into the big leagues with a first-page ranking.

To begin, you will want to claim your profile on as many local citation sites as possible. The first thing you must do is claim your Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local Profiles. The sooner, the better since each one requires confirmation that you are the owner of the profile.

By confirming your profiles, you will not only receive the benefit of being listed in these highly trafficked directories, but you will also be granted higher authority by Google in the geographical area you operate in. You should also plan on registering in as many of the local citation sites as possible, such as Yelp, Angieslist.com, etc.

Google my Business Example:

There are many yellow page directory sites that can provide geographical relevance and thus assist greatly with local SEO ranking. In almost all cases you can create your profile for free, and it's generally easy to build a listing. Each directory profile and citation that you develop is a signal to Google of your geographical relevance, so the more the better. As Google is splitting their index between desktop and mobile, but giving priority to the mobile index, local ranking is becoming more vital than ever. In fact many companies who were previously investing in PPC (pay per click advertising) are finding much better ROI with local SEO. Check out this PPC vs. SEO article to learn more.

Add your NAP to all directory listings and profiles, and be consistent. 

Your customers want to reach you simply and easily. In general, you should not use an 800 number. Post a number with a local area code. This will signal to Google and your customers that your company is from the area they are shopping in. If you feel the need to post an 800 number, make it secondary to your primary phone number.

Your listing will be shown on maps, which means they must be able to recognize your physical presence, otherwise you will not show up properly in local organic search results. Make sure your address is consistent and listed the same way.

If your NAP (name, address, phone) gets abbreviated, you don’t need to be concerned, but remember that what gets shown to humans can be different than what a search bot reads. Don't confuse Google's search bot, keep your NAP identical in all cases, and you will be fine.

If your "local number" cannot cover all your locations, use an IP phone service such as CallFire. With CallFire, your customers won't even know that they are being directed to a different number.

Upload pictures. If a site offers a photo gallery, be sure to upload images. After you see an image URL rank, you will never again debate the value of images in a profile. Besides, they make your listing more attractive.

Ask for reviews from your customers.

Many sites open up additional features or functions based on the amount or level of reviews that you have. For some platforms, there may be display features that are disabled until a profile reaches a certain number of reviews. For Google, it takes 5 reviews to show stars. So yes, reviews matter.

Use keyword tags as extensively as possible, but don’t over do it. You should put the time in to do keyword research and consider what phrases your potential or target customers may type into a search engine, to find you. Some profiles will have tagging options, and some only a description field. Don't stuff these fields as Google can detect this and may penalize your site. You only need a few of the most relevant keywords send a clear signal to Google about what your site is about.


The SEO Ranker Agency Brand Authority Building Service places as many as 300 social profiles around the pages of your website that you wish to rank. Social networks can be the most powerful links that a local website can receive, and with our local SEO domination strategies, we build brand authority in a way that is sustainable.

The tips above will work for nearly any local or small business. If you are looking to 10x your business and dominate your market, simply complete our Discovery Form to see how we can explode your traffic from Google search to your website, today.