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Crush your goals in 2017 and move beyond SEO, PPC and traditional digital marketing.

As a small business or local business owner, marketing and advertising are one of the most critical factors for your growth. You have heard about the need for search engine optimization and perhaps you have already invested in SEO or other digital marketing initiatives. Regardless of your success, you may not be aware of what you are missing by not taking a holistic approach in your online marketing efforts.

As expert SEO consultants we work with business owners who represent all ends of the spectrum. Solopreneurs (infopreneurs, mompreneurs, ecopreneurs) seeking to build their individual brand or product online. Others are professional service providers such as business consultants, attorney's, lawyers, doctors, dentists, architects, financial advisors; while others are skilled tradesmen like roofers, plumbers, contractors, and still, others operate online e-commerce stores or drive their businesses growth via web traffic.

2016 represented a shift in how Google ranks websites, and for this reason, we combined three of the most critical elements for success online into a single service that we call the SEO Ranker Agency Brand Authority Service.

Recent discussions in the digital marketing world suggest that the influence of SEO may be declining, and thus investment in search engine optimization is not needed at the same level as previously was required. But nothing could be further from the truth. Our #1 SEO objective is to drive as much free traffic as possible from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search to your website.

For a business owner, you need to know that your site ranking on Google or any other search engine, is the result of highly sophisticated algorithms. Constant updates by Google and the other search engines number as many as 500 to 600 each year. Which means if search traffic and maintaining a steady flow both digitally (online) and in your physical store or office is important to your business, you must invest in optimizing your website for the highest ranking possible.

What is the difference between brand authority and SEO?

Let's take a look at a few recent announcements made by Google as well as our own observations.

Google announced in the fall of 2016 that it would continue focusing on sites that have been optimized for mobile. For a few years now, Google has been putting more and more emphasis on mobile to fit the needs of consumers who are increasingly turning to mobile before the desktop, and we can imagine in 2017 that to reach the full SEO potential on Google, a website must be 100% mobile optimized. Google's AMP pages are no longer a nice to have, but a must have.

The internet (and Google search results) are full of regurgitated, thin content that brings little to no value to the reader and Google knows this. The new SEO battlefield is now between content creators as with the best content comes higher engagement and better quality "clicks." At SEO Ranker Agency we focus not only on rankings but on creating and sharing the highest quality content possible. Sustainable SEO in 2017 will no longer have a place for thin content that just gets published just for the sake of posting another 500-word article containing the major targeted keywords.

In 2017 business owners and webmasters seeking to optimize for search will find they must focus on creating longer form content (1000 words plus, ideally, closer to 2000) - and they must publish content that provides value (e.g. real answers and solutions). Thin keyword-stuffed posts will no longer cut it and may invoke penalties depending on how thin and how aggressively optimized they are. The point is, we are confident that 2017 will be declared the year of content.

Whether we will see an algorithm shakeup such as another Google Panda or Penguin update is, of course, unknown. Since this is top secret stuff after all. But our guess is that yes, there will be another major shift in the algorithm in 2017. The expert SEO consultants in our company see Google's focus on mobile, beginning with AMP in 2015 and continuing to their splitting the index between mobile and desktop, giving priority to the mobile index as a huge sign that change is a coming.

Though so-called Blackhat SEO tactics will work in 2017, Blackhat strategies that cross Google's TOS (or come close to crossing) will not work as long and will increasingly be reverse engineered by Google. Consultants and agencies who have relied on these methods for ranking local clients should be prepared to see a steady flow of their paychecks running for the exits. There is no faster way to lose a client, and the potential referrals that would have come with them, then to get a client's website penalized.

In 2016, we received clear indicators from many data points we were analyzing that showed proper high-quality search engine optimization techniques are still most effective at providing the longest lasting sustainable results.

Speed is one of the main factors affecting your conversion rate and the average session time on your website. We suggest you measure your website's loading time to ensure that it is well under 1 second with 500 milliseconds being ideal.

At SEO Ranker we have discussed the need for high-quality, long-form content but one aspect of content creation that is still getting missed is the need to produce consistent content.

An important part of the SEO Ranker Agency Brand Authority Service is the creation of a social network and Web 2.0 syndication network. Functioning as a hub and spoke topology, this mechanism can be like rocket fuel for a local businesses search rankings. You will have your competitors wondering how in the world you have time to run your business while being so prolific a content publisher. Only you will know the secret; we promise not to tell!

Link building is not dead! In 2015 and 2016 some were inferring that guest blog linking is dead, but that has proved not to be the case. In fact, it is crystal clear to us that Google values quality backlinks as much (or more) than ever. Low-quality spammy backlinks are dead as Google is getting better and better at detecting these links (remember, Blackhat SEO must be avoided) but if you can build (on a consistent basis) quality backlinks to your site, you'll be in the money.

Expert local SEO consultants have discovered that Google uses a company's social media presence to determine whether people like your content, and this will remain to be the case. Apart from assessing the relevance and quality of backlinks, this is one way Google can measure if people like your content and find it valuable - is it getting shared. Google is a customer service organization and for every query that gets entered into the search box, they work hard to return the best result. For this reason, it is accurate to call Google an answer engine more than a search engine. We believe that more and more weight will be given to the social proof related to a website. SEO Ranker Agency calls this a social fortress, which is one of the crucial elements of SEO domination that we deliver.

Elements of the SEO Ranker Agency Brand Authority Building Program.

1. Traffic - SEO is not dead, but rankings alone do not produce profits. We focus on traffic that meets the requirement of driving sales for our clients. Read how we leverage PR for SEO value.

2. Content syndication - high-quality niche relevant content is the key to building your website's authority online. But content without distribution is worthless. We help our clients create content and get it distributed in a way that creates traffic and builds power to their site.

3. Website conversion optimization - if a site is slow to load, confusing to navigate, or simply doesn't have the proper call to actions in the right places, then you can capture 100% of the traffic for your niche and still fail to grow revenues.

The #1 reason clients choose to work with us is that our Brand Authority Service is proven to create more revenue and profits by driving the most qualified traffic possible from Google search to your website.

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Note: SEO is a challenging marketing activity for any organization who is not actively investing in marketing & advertising. If your total monthly investment is less than $1,000 you may want to consider whether your business is ready for SEO.