7 Steps to Grow your Church using SEO

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The question for many pastors and church planters is, “How can I increase traffic to my church website?” Instead of straining your budget and subjecting your church to costly SEO, here are seven quick and simple tactics that will help your site rise in the local google search rankings. Whether a local business or a […]

How to Hire a Search Optimization Expert in Phoenix

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No matter the service you provide, all businesses can benefit from having more customers, which begins with free traffic from Google. Our Search Optimization Service is your unfair advantage in the Phoenix Arizona area.   As a local business owner in Phoenix Arizona we know that you are seeking every advantage possible over your competition […]

Hack PR to Move Your Media Exposure From Visibility to Growth

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All small business owners and entrepreneurs have a wish to explode their revenues and profits. Many are investing in marketing and advertising methods that frankly, don’t work, hoping a return will magically blossom. As a digital marketing agency focused on driving search engine traffic to grow our clients business with momentous leads and engagement, we […]

Do You Know Where Your PPC Budget is Actually Going?


Fight PPC Click Fraud and Return your Online Marketing Campaigns to Profitability The subject of PPC fraud must sound antithetical. After all, Google operates the largest PPC advertising network in the world via AdWords, so you must be thinking, “surely you aren’t suggesting that Google is ripping me off, are you?” After reading this article […]

Search Engine Optimization Explained

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SEO (search engine optimization) can be easily confused with the “black arts.” Even those who work in the industry struggle to explain to their friends and family what exactly it is that they do, or more specifically, how they do what they do. So the question is, if those who perform the function of SEO […]

Local Business SEO Domination

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Note: this is a lengthy article and assumes some knowledge of SEO concepts. If you need a primer on SEO, the following post Search Engine Optimization Explained may be useful. For small businesses to dominate the competition and win the search engine war, they must focus on optimizing key website ranking factors such as site structure, […]

Our Instagram Stories Article on HUFFPOST

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Instagram Stories is being actively embraced by digital marketers and search engine optimization consultants. So I decided to take a closer look to see how Stories compares with Snapchat. Bottom line, they are both highly competent platforms. Frankly, if you are active with an established following on Snapchat today, don’t kill it and keep growing […]

STOP Spamming, ADD Value, ENGAGE Readers

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Digital marketers are often proud to have never completed a formal marketing degree, since as they put it, this gives them an edge over traditional marketers who are stuck in the era of Seinfeld and 30 second TV spots. But it turns out digital marketers may be able to use a little formal training after […]